Clear View Workshops
and Seminars

Preston Love, Jr. shares his knowledge and wisdom of Urban Communities. You’ll learn why more people should be engaged in their communities and vote. This includes all of the positive virtues that can accrue.


  • To provide enhanced insight into the culture of urban communities

  • To provide strategies to maximize efforts to impact the children, families of these communities

  • To provide “Best Practices” to volunteers, providers and leaders to generate positive outcomes in these communities



Preston Love, Jr.’s Book: Economic Cataracts



Tailored to meet your requirements


Potential Agenda Focal Points:
  1. Anatomy of poverty

  2. Poverty effects on community engagement

  3. Long term solutions to poverty and the benefits

  4. Stop gap solutions to poverty and the benefits

  5. Leadership check-up

  6. Best practices and development of clear views for action

  7. Personal “Clear View Action Plan”


Potential Outcomes:
  1. Each participant will develop a “Clear View Action Plan”

  2. Certificate of completion (signed by Hosting Groups)



Custom workshops, seminars or speaking engagements can be arranged and presented at your request


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