Your Bridge to History

Your Bridge to History is a new childrens book describing the Face-to-Face with Black History Tour from the perspective of a Tour Alumni. Children can learn about Black History while seeing some of the most famous historical landmarks associated with the Black Rights Movement.

Your Bridge to History is available in bookstores near you, as well as on Amazon.

It's also available at civil rights museums in Birmingham and Montgomery, and The National Voting Rights Museum and Institute in Selma, Alabama.

Economic Cataracts


A clear view of what is, 

a hopeful perspective of what could be, 

and a realistic vision of how to alter the future

Preston began his quest for clarity with his return to his beloved hometown of Omaha to be with his ailing mother, Betty Love, in 2006 after the death of his famous father, Preston Love, Sr. The condition of his section of town, North Omaha, where almost all of the fifty thousand African-Americans live in Omaha was shocking, and became the #1 priority for Love, Jr. 

Economic Cataracts brings together a collection of position papers and initiatives by the author, directed toward making a difference where a difference is needed. While Preston’s story is based in his hometown, Omaha, Nebraska, there are lessons, there are premises, there are actions, and there is wisdom in these approaches that can apply in every urban setting in America. Preston offers this snapshot as a framework for others to reference.

"Preston Love, Jr., the son of famous Omaha, Nebraska, musician Preston Love, presents Economic Cataracts Volume 1, a distillation of his community activist efforts to improve the quality of life of North Omaha. North Omaha has skyrocketing unemployment, poverty, drugs, and crime compared to the city as a whole; its population is mostly African-American. Love identifies the key source of Omaha's ills as joblessness - unemployment impoverishes the population, and desperate people unable to earn money in any legitimate manner turn to drugs or crime. To pull out of the endless vicious cycle, Love strongly advocates greater political involvement, especially among African-Americans; only by participating in politics, and turning out to vote, can the people of North Omaha pressure the government to take initiatives that will bring more jobs to those who desperately need them. The pros and cons of multiple position papers and initiatives for poverty relief are discussed, in this thought-provoking collection with far-reaching implications for impoverished communities nationwide. A handful of black-and-white photographs and newspaper article reproductions are also included."

-Midwest Book Review

The Jackson Papers

Preston Love, Jr., has two distinct perspectives on our civil rights history. He shares within this short book the interrelationship of these two perspectives and how they converge. First and above all, is his perspective that is derived from his personal life experience. Secondly, his perspective comes as an amateur historian and a University Adjunct Professor creating a course and teaching the African American experience in politics. This book takes a picture of those two perspectives with an emphasis on presidential politics and is organized in the reverse. Section I sets the stage by relating the interrelationship with some of the factors that created the initial black presidential history. Section II focuses on the sliver of time where he played a direct role.


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