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Keynote address at the Jefferson Education Society in Erie Pennsylvania.

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Preston Love, Jr. shares his knowledge and wisdom of Urban Communities. You’ll learn why more people should be
engaged in their communities and vote. This includes all of the positive virtues that can accrue.

Interview with Sarpy County Democrats

Effort to get out the vote in north Omaha
WOWT - May 05, 2016

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- There is an effort underway in north Omaha to get more people to register to vote. The Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance announced their 10K Race to the Polls on Thursday.

Race to the Polls coordinator Preston Love said their goal is to register $10,000 new voters, particularly in the north Omaha community.

"This community has a lousy record of voter turnout in recent years. We usually are participating from 10 to 15 points less than the rest of the county and we need every coordinated effort we can get so this is a major effort getting our community involved voting in all elections," said Love.

Already the race to the polls effort has registered over 1,000 new voters, including 500 young voters. Organizers stress that this effort to register voters is a nonpartisan effort.

Keynote address in Erie Pennsylvania
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